Hello and welcome to Ame Free in Claremont!

Are you tired of being tired? feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Ready to relax?

We're here to provide a kinder, holistic approach to beauty and skin treatments. 

Our focus is using beauty, relaxation and energetic treatments to help restore balance and vitality to the body and mind in a safe and nurturing environment which facilitates self-healing and reflection.


We offer a range of treatments, such as 

If you're in need of some self care we'd love to see you.  Click here to get in touch and where to find us in Claremont.


"Jen is an expert therapist in the field of natural beauty treatments.  She is warm, welcoming and provides a calm and comfortable environment for her clients.  Her excellent techniques and skills in facials, body massage and lash lift have led to my becoming a regular client.  I highly recommend Ame Free to anyone who is seeking natural/organic beauty treatments in a relaxed environment".

Strategist by day Storyteller by night | Bentley WA

"Jen is a generous and open person who gives you permission to make the experience be all about you and allows you the time to come to understand our own needs and then work with her to for-fill them at your own pace".

Working Mother of two | Melville.WA