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DIY facial fitness Workshop

Gua Sha & Face reading

Hands up for pro-aging...Naturally!


This hands-on, fun and informative workshop is all about empowerment... Tips and tricks for feeling great on the inside, with visible results on the outside.

Along with my professional treatments, I have been perfecting my own beauty and well-being home care practices for years. From specific massage techniques, acupressure, lymphatic drainage to energy balancing, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine techniques the learning has been extensive, rewarding and like myself, ever evolving. I'm so excited to be sharing this knowledge with you. In a hands-on environment with plenty of ​personal guidance to ensure optimum results.

What to expect:

1. Understand the key to DIY rejuvenation and well-being as well as learning a little more about what your face says through the art of face reading.

2. Learn the art of using the Gua Sha tool.

3. Experience this technique using high quality skin care and facial tools. 

4. Take your newly acquired skills, tools and products home with you.


1. Please come along no jewellery, make-up free and comfortably dressed!

2. Ready to learn and laugh.

Location: At home Workshop

Time: 2 hours

Price $125.00 per person

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