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Wellbeing Events. Mindfulness. Workshops

Bookings for school, corporate and individual by appointment.  




Tuesdays 6.15pm @14 Government Rd Nedlands

Next 'Anxiousness for family' Workshop

Coming Soon!

School Services

Teacher's Personal Development day

- Guided meditation

- Yoga  and Qi Gong session

- Stress management

-Teach the teacher guided meditation

Workshops/classes for students (Primary & Secondary)

- Yoga & Qi Gong class

- French yoga class

- Guided meditation

- Stress management


Corporate Services

-Sound healing Event

-Anxiousness Workshop

-Stress Management 


-Qi Gong

-Guided meditation

From $200/hr depending on group size


Individual/Small Group

-Sound healing


-Qi Gong

-Guided meditation

-Anxiousness support workshop for parents

Please contact me to discuss duration and prices 


Picture of Guillaume Hauer

Since 2008, my passion has been assisting individuals and companies in managing stress and cultivating a harmonious life balance. Leveraging my expertise as a yoga, Qi Gong, sound healing, and guided meditation instructor, along with certifications in Neuro-Linguistics-Programming and Zero Balancing, I offer tailored sessions and workshops both in person and online. These aim to equip clients with effective tools and methods to attain tranquillity, serenity, and a peaceful state of mind. Whether you seek to enhance mental well-being, alleviate anxiety, or simply find inner peace, I am here to support you.

Year 8 student

IONA College - 2023

(Yoga in French)

''I think the yoga session was so calming and a great experience.

The instructor was really fun, and the techniques and positions that he showed us were very relaxing. My favourite part was when he played the Didgeridoo while we lay there and meditated as it was a great way to unwind, and it almost put me to sleep!

I really enjoyed the session overall and it was a great way to connect with our French knowledge in a different way''.


JOHN XXIII College - 2023

(Personal development workshop)

'''This workshop was the perfect

remedy and I often found myself forgetting the hectic day and leaving all

stresses behind.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Guillaume and came to know

him as a truly valuable asset to the work place. He is gentle in his

approach yet professional. Beyond that, he is an impressive musician

who has the ability to understand the spirituality of rhythm and touch

without being invasive.''

Head of year 7

Event for whole year group - 2023

''Guillaume’s calm and personable demeanour, along with his knowledge of Yoga, meditation and holistic approach to health and wellbeing made him the ideal instructor for students and staff alike''.


Picture of a session in action

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