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Feng Shui
Space Clearing
Holistic bodywork & Coaching 

Mon-Sat by appointment only. Phone: 0448 754 100

Guided by intuition, expertise, and experience, each session or consultation service offers a customized and unique experience.

Zen Style Interior Design
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Feng Shui Consultations &
Space Clearing services 

Feng Shui has a heritage of over 4000 years. The primary aim is to create a supportive environment within our spaces, harmonizing the energies. I work intuitively with clients to improve the energy flow of their home or business, impacting various areas of life such as finances, relationships and health.​

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1 on 1 coaching session 

For continued support post Feng Shui consultation these personalized sessions will get you get on track to achieving your goals. 

Hourly rate $150

Young People at a Workshop

Feng Shui workshops

Customized workshops are loads of fun and great way to get you started in incorporating the magic of Feng Shui into your life.

Please email for bookings.

Energy Healing

Bodywork reset session

An holistic approach to treating the body, mind and spirit, incorporating face reading and multiple healing techniques including breath work, visualization, movement, energy work, acupressure, massage, essential oils and Life Coaching tools.

A relaxing yet powerfully insightful treatment leaving you calm yet energized. 

90 mins $290




Picture of Jennifer Hauer

My mission is to support and inspire individuals, couples, families and businesses to achieve their fullest potential through Feng Shui principles. Creating balance and flow, harmony in their environment both functionally and energetically to enhance their personal and professional endeavours.

'Energy flows where attention goes'.


Holistic Beauty Therapist turned Energy Practitioner and  Feng Shui Consultant, my career focus has always centred on creating meaningful connections to best support individuals striving for mental clarity, healthy living, and natural beauty.

To enhance beauty and wellness, it is essential to optimize the body's energy flow. With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, I have developed a unique approach that blends Eastern and Western techniques to promote healing, revitalization, and rejuvenation.

Feng Shui has been a part of me since my early years, even before I knew it was called Feng Shui. From the age of 10, I have been rearranging furniture and decluttering spaces. I recently learned that the average number of times Australians move homes in their lifetime is 13. I am in my forties and have moved 32 times! Hence my passion for decluttering and a keen awareness of energy shifts in spaces and their impact on us.

Feng Shui has a heritage of over 4000 years. The primary aim is to create a supportive environment within our spaces, harmonizing the energies. I work with clients to improve the energy flow of their home or business, impacting various areas of life such as finances, relationships and health.

Guided by intuition, expertise, and experience, all services offers a customized and unique experience.

Maree L. 


Bodywork Session

“This beautiful lady is so caring and nurturing, you truly walk out on a cloud after a treatment.  Loved it so much, I bought gift vouchers for my Mum and sister the next day!!."

Kathryn M.


Bodywork Session

“Thank you so much for helping me today to getting back to feeling more like myself.  You are a special human and I appreciate you and what you do very much.”

Nicole L.


Ame Free Analysis

"Thank you so much for all the effort and energy you have put into Feng Shui'ng our house.  I've so enjoyed learning about it all and I cant wait to keep implementing changes with positive intention.  It makes me feel really happy to know and feel that we're making a positive difference to our life energies."

Estelle P.


Ame Free 'Sell My House'

“Our property had been on the market for 6 weeks before my meeting with Jennifer.  Form the very beginning of our consultation, I felt completely at ease with her, she had studied my floor plan and online listing photographs prior to our consultation, which I appreciated as it made the process of explaining the space to her much easier.  I implemented all of the changes Jennifer suggested for our property, focusing particulary on our entry way, which had caused confusion for potential buyers at previous inspections.  Our agent was quite pleased with the improvements and commented oh how well the property now flowed and had a greater feeling of light and space. 

Her intuitive and holistic emotional support was crucial in the process and we signed the contract of sale 2 weeks later!  

I highly recommend the Sell My House Package with Jennifer and will certainly be engaging her when we purchase our new home;. ”

Dona M.


Ame Free 1 month Support package

''I have been so fortunate to employ the services of Ame Free to help my business grow. Jennifer's supportive demeanor and calming presence immediately set the tone for our collaboration.

Jennifer's utilisation of Feng Shui and Space Clearing is truly remarkable. She has a unique and intuitive ability to understand the nuances of energy flow and harness it to foster creativity and clarity. With her help, I was able to transform my home office into a sanctuary of productivity, where ideas flourish effortlessly, and direction becomes clear.

Throughout our interactions, Jennifer remained consistently respectful and utterly professional. Her dedication to her craft is evident in every aspect of her work. I can confidently say that the positive shift in energy within my home office has had a profound impact not only on my work but also on my overall well-being. Thanks to Jennifer's expertise, the energy flow throughout my home has improved significantly, creating a harmonious environment.

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer at Ame Free to anyone seeking to enhance their living or working space. Her work is invaluable, and I am immensely grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life and business.''

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