Skin care consultation

Solutions for all skin concerns.

We use and recommend Eminence Organic Skin Care


Time for a quickie Pro Peel

In need of a good clean, exfoliation and hydration but not quite wanting to commit to a complete pampering facial treatment?

Then this 30min Pro Peel is designed for you! Suitable for all skin types.

Organic Deep Cleansing Facial

This deep cleansing treatment is excellent for all skin types.

A finely crushed granular scrub gently exfoliates, detoxifies and cleanses while a masque with extracts of stone crop cactus re-hydrates as it is massaged into the skin. A creamy moisturizer made from fresh organic ingredients finishes this treatment for a long lasting look of health and vitality.

Blueberry Detox Firming Peel

Your skin will immediately feel the hydrating and firming effects of this fruitfully delicious treatment.

Reveal a plumped and smoothed skin with the help of this exfoliating and pore minimizing treat.  A delicious fruit cocktail of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, infuses the skin with antioxidants and tighten tissue.

The refining and rejuvenating properties of berries, along with detoxifying and stimulating paprika will restore your youthful glow.

Signature Special

Using an extensive selection of organic ingredients, this custom tailored facial helps to detoxify, rejuvenate and even the complexion. No matter what your skin type or concerns - from blemished to mature,hyper-pigmented or sun damaged, this is the perfect combination of pampering and visible results.  This treatments also includes an essential oil 'valor balance', for a truly blissful experience. Try it you'll be amazed at the experience, and the results.

Organic Microderm Rejuvenation

Manual and chemical exfoliation combined with the Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation massage. This facial perfectly cleans and exfoliates before the face lift work begins.

The second part of the treatment draws on the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic healers. Combining the benefits of tried and trusted therapies such as energy balancing, yoga, body massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage and head massage. It not only decreases facial lines, it works in complete synergy with your body's natural anti-aging defense systems.